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[It started around noon. He had been reading a new book to the mice when there's a sudden hic. It was enough to startle him and the mice and make them all jump… though Sion jumped because he hiccupped. It’s been a long time since he’d had the hiccups.

But he approached it like everyone else would! First, he held his breath… nope. Then he chugged some water in a few different ways… still not gone. There's no one around to surprise him so he couldn't try that out.


By the time he gets to his journal, it’s a few hours later and the hiccups have yet to stop. It's gotten very tiring and annoying. He’s run out of ideas on ways to make them stop too so there’s only one thing he can do now.]

Does anyone know of a good way to get rid of hiccups? I’ve already tried to drink water and hold my breath but neither worked.

Thank you in advanced.
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Introspection!! )

Nezumi has returned home. [And that’s all he writes. The last time Nezumi left some people appeared to know him so the least he can do is inform anyone who got to know him at all this time too.

After that, Sion will be heading out to the village’s main clinic to help out if they need it before going to the library to grab a few books for the mice, who are sitting on his shoulders all the while. As he walks around, an elf will be following behind him with a big grin on its face but Sion chooses to simply ignore it because he really isn’t in the mood for it or this shift.]
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Hello, everyone. [He pauses there for a moment and a mouse cheeps in the background. WELP. It’s a start.]

I was wondering if I could speak to the doctors who work at the clinics here or anyone who has had medical practice. I’ve been studying medical treatment myself and I thought it would be a good idea to become acquainted with everyone.

[He knows it’s been a while since he last spoke to Adele about this but it’s better late than never, right? The mouse cheeps again] I know, I know, just a minute… Oh! Also, there was one particular doctor that was recommended I speak with about something… Doctor Law, I believe his name was. So it’s important I talk to him too, if at all possible.


[And he ends the entry there.

Later in the day, Sion will be out in the village, mainly in the clinic and library. He won’t stay long in the main clinic, but just to take a look at the main schedule Adele once told him about.

After that, he’ll head to the library. If you spot him there, you’ll be able to notice that he has three mice on his person, quite literally. They aren’t real mice, but they definitely appear to be real. There’s a white one, which sits atop his head, a black one which is on his shoulder and a brown one which is on his opposite shoulder. It seems odd but this is totally normal for him. He’s picking out a bedtime story for them, you see. Still totally normal for him. They like it a lot when he reads plays to them okay.]

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Coming home )

With his heart sinking with every move, he opens up his journal and tries to put up a filter]

[Broken Filter - Nezumi]

Nezumi, where are y-... [There's a long pause as he stares down at his journal.  The filter broke.

It broke.

This isn't like before, this isn't like the time when Nezumi went missing for two weeks.  No, last time he could at least make a filter and try to reach out to him but now he can't.  Panic slowly starts to set in and he shakes his head frantically, nearly yelling into the journal]

[Broken Filter - Nezumi] 

Nezumi!!!  [The filter broke again]   Dammit NO.

["I can't bear it!  If I lost you here, right now.  I wouldn't be able to stay sane.  

I'll go mad."

He's stuck in between his words, sanity hanging by a simple thread.  He wants to deny the truth.  He has to deny the truth.  Because it can't be true.  

Nezumi made him a promise.  He told him that he would come back every time... but you can't just come back to this place.  There are no doors to get in or out.  Once you're in, you're in.  Once you're out, you're out.  It's only by some unfortunate chance that you get dragged back again with or without your memories. 

Somewhere in his mind, his brain is telling him that deep down maybe it's for the best.  Now he won't get hurt or experimented on.  But he let's his emotions get the best of him.

He can't just let Nezumi go.  Not again.  Not after he finally got to be by his side again after four years of waiting.

And he never told him...

So in his panic, he slams his journal shut and runs out of the apartment building, nearly tripping on himself in the process.  Once he's outside, he starts yelling out Nezumi's name and starts to run around.  He runs around the entire village, running into shops, bars and even the library, searching for someone who isn't here anymore.

He can't let him go... not now.]

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[Above the rain and above the gusts wind, people living in building 3 or living around it will be able to hear someone screaming.  It isn't a cry for help or a cry of someone in pain.  Oh no.

It's just... Sion yelling at the top of his lungs.  Not directing it at anyone, not even at the storm even if it seems like he's having some sort of contest with it to see who's loudest.

Maybe it was that feeling of nostalgia he had while staring out the window in his apartment not but moment ago that drove him to come up to the roof of his building out in the middle of this storm.  In the back of his head, he knows he looks ridiculous but it feels too good.  The cold, refreshing rain pelting at his face and clothes, making him soaked to the bone, the gusts of wind whipping his white hair around... even the sore, tingly feeling in the back of his throat from yelling too hard feels nice.

It reminds him of something that happened over four years ago.  A day he cherishes.

A flash of lightning flickers off the horizon and is quickly followed by a loud boom of thunder.  Almost  immediately after, Sion screams even louder at the storm, trying to out match it.

If this keeps up, he's going to lose his voice]


[A little while later, after Sion's come back inside and dried off, he opens his journal to write an entry. (someone lost his voice)]  

How do you keep important memories alive?  Do you tell stories about them, or maybe even celebrate them when the time is fitting?  I'm curious.  There are so many different ways people go about it.
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Hey um, sorry for the inconvenience but has anyone seen Nezumi? [His voice is shaking.  

For days now he's been worried.  Nezumi would disappear once in a while so this isn't entirely abnormal but... somethings wrong.  He wouldn't be gone this long without contacting Sion in some way.]

Ah--I guess I should give a description of him. He has long, dark hair and it goes down to the middle of his back--but it's usually up in a short ponytail that he ties with his own hair.  His eyes are a gray color, they stand out pretty well...

He's about five-foot eight-inches and he usually wears a black scarf around his neck. [A pause.]

...I'm sorry.  I realize that isn't too much to go on but if you see him, please contact me immediately.  


[As soon as he shuts the journal, Sion will be off and running around the village, searching desperately for his best friend.  He won't stop to chat so if you see him, he's more than likely to dart right on past you.  The only way he'll stop is if he bumps into you... which it wouldn't be surprising if he did since he's not paying attention to where he's going exactly.]
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[Action - locked to Nezumi]

Locked )


[It's a little later in the afternoon when Sion finally gets around to opening up his journal.  Getting almost beaten up by a grumpy Nezumi kinda delayed him for a while.]

Is it on... Yeah I think I clicked the right button. [ahem] Hello everyone.  I arrived here a few hours ago but my friend already explained everything to me so I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself, especially if I may end up being here for a while.  So--my name is Sion.  I hope we all get along well.

[But before he goes... ] Oh, has anyone seen a girl named Safu around here?  She has brown chin length hair and brown eyes. [ ... ] Aha well.. that isn't the most accurate description, but if you do see her, could you let me know?  Thanks.

[Action - Unlocked]

[Right after his voice entry, Sion decides to go about and explore the village.  Since Nezumi seems to be doing fine, he should at least go find some proper clothes since you know--it's winter and therefore kinda cold.  

Should you be around the plaza, you may find Sion wandering around, trying to find the clothing shop.  Because he doesn't have a shirt or a jacket on, you may notice the red mark that starts on his cheek under his left eye then circles around his neck, chest, back and continues down past the edge of his pants, but you can't see it going down to his leg since, hello pants.]

❀ HMD ❀

Nov. 4th, 2011 07:06 pm
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